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What is our story?


Sinar Media was founded in 2005 to meet a need in the community.  Our first project involved building a web portal for local government so that community members could respond to jury summons online.


The company remained a small, part-time gig as a career in church media was built.  Over the next nine years the scope of Sinar Media broadened as new contacts were made, and new skills were perfected.


In the spring of 2014 it was time to get serious!  Sinar Media became the primary focus.  Within a few short months the client list grew, and the projects became more challenging.  We needed to grow, and so we added talented friends to our team, and embarked upon the corporate version of Sinar Media.


Reality struck when plummeting oil prices plunged West Texas into survival mode.  Many businesses closed their doors.  We had to close our doors too, but our story was not over.  It was not time to write "The End".  Instead we chose "to be continued..."


Creativity is the lifeblood of Sinar Media.  When things didn't go as planned, we got creative!  We produce high quality media content, and creative marketing campaigns.  That has not changed.  We have a network of talent who can be called upon to accomplish just about anything.  That has not changed either.  What has changed is our locality.


Media and technology has made our world a smaller place.  Instant contact across thousands of miles is always available.  Why confine ourselves to one geographic location?


Enter phase two as we bring our talents and creativity to you.  www.OurMovingHouse.com




Awards & Recognition

Church Production Magazine

November 2006

Church Production Magazine 2nd Annual Video Production Awards Awarded to Paul Sinar in the category "Music Video"


Studio 7 - Opener, Bumpers and motion graphics (CBS7 afternoon lifestyle show)

July 2013

"When it was time to choose a graphic designer and media specialist for my show, [Sinar Media] was top of my list. I am so grateful that [they] accepted... because I believe wholeheartedly that the 'look' and quality of our show is better because of [their] involvement" - Tatum Hubbard, CBS News Anchor & Host of Studio7


ITV Studios America

November 2014

"Such a pleasure to work with Sinar Media when my company came out to shoot a project in Odessa/Midland from Los Angeles. These guys have great equipment and are really fun to work with" - Arielle Worona, Development Executive.



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